Meet the Team: Natalie Collins, PR & Marketing Executive, Tylney Hall Hotel and Gardens

Name: Natalie Collins    
Job Title: PR & Marketing Executive

Some of the roles that we employ at Elite Hotels are outside of the more visible “operational” jobs but are nonetheless vital to the business as a whole.  Marketing and PR is one of those behind the scenes sectors that play a hugely important part in driving revenue to the company and therefore being a successful hotel. Natalie Collins has recently joined the Marketing team and has been in post at Tylney Hall Hotel for 3 months, having settled into the role superbly, we asked her how she has found life at Elite so far. 

What led you to apply for a role at Elite/Hotel?

I have always been a very inventive person and throughout my educational and professional history, I have always thrived in design, creativity and forward-thinking skills, which turns out are perfect for a Marketing role!

When I saw the Marketing role available at Tylney Hall Hotel, I knew it would be the perfect role for me, as it would be a great opportunity to utilise my skills in website design, creative writing, PR and photography. I was also very attracted to the idea that I wouldn’t be compartmentalised into one element of Marketing, so could gain further experience in a wide variety of segments, ranging from digital, social, email, PR and many more! I loved the idea that no two days would be the same and I would work alongside all departments in the hotel, in order to plan, deliver and review multiple marketing campaigns (from Food & Beverage, Conference to spa and leisure).

What were your first few weeks like?

Fantastic! My General Manager, Sam Aziz, was so welcoming and had organised for me to have sessions with each of our HOD’s (Head of Department)  in order to understand more about the Hotel and each role within it. This really helped me gain insight and left me feeling very inspired with plenty of Marketing ideas for each department.

What do you do on an average day?

It is pretty crazy if I am totally honest and truly varies. I usually come into multiple emails from HOD’s requesting different marketing materials, this could be a new poster, brochure, new promotion, photography requests, website updates, PR or many other things- which I then go through and prioritise as to which are vitally important.

I always monitor Social Media periodically throughout the day, posting content and responding to followers etc as it is super important to me and to Tylney Hall to increase our followers and keep a constant presence on all platforms.

Other than that, it varies and some days I work more closely on PR, gift vouchers, updating 3rd party sites, internal marketing (posters, banners etc.), adverts (printed and on social) and planning/ auctioning marketing campaigns for events and departments.

There truly is never a dull moment and if you are a proactive person, you will always find something to do!

Has the job matched your expectations?

It has actually exceeded my expectations! As a person who gets restless rather easily, this role is perfect for me as there is just so much to get your teeth stuck into.

Have you previously worked in hospitality? What is your background?

I have never actually worked in the hospitality industry before, but have previous experience in Sales and Account Management, which revolves around building strong relationships and providing excellent customer service and delivering results.

What has been the most enjoyable part of working at Tylney so far?

We had our annual Garden Party in July, which was just a month and half after joining. I was heavily involved with this event from the start from a Marketing perspective, but also behind the scenes planning and coordinating the event.

This was a great opportunity for me to work on a hotel event and explore different ways to market. I attended and managed the event on the day, which gave me such a buzz as it was fantastic to see the event in action and to see everyone having a wonderful time, after having put my heart and soul into it! Our social media was also buzzing all day of the event, with consistent posts from me, but also from guests at the party- which resulted in fantastic brand awareness.

Would you recommend Elite as an employer/why?

I would recommend Elite as an employer as I have experienced nothing but positivity, support and understanding from all who I have dealt with. It is a wonderful culture here and clearly built around teamwork and supporting each other.