Meet The Team: Tylney Hall Hotel; Head Receptionist Kat Smythe

Name: Kat Smythe
Job Title: Head Receptionist

To all guests who enter Tylney Hall, Kat is the smiling, welcoming face that so many guests see. Originally employed as a senior member of the reception team, Kat has swiftly progressed and enjoys her current role as Head Receptionist.

Having read about the hotel on the website prior to her interview, Kat instantly felt that Tylney Hall was the right place for her to progress her career within the hospitality sector and particularly in front of house.  Already well conversed as a receptionist, Kat was drawn to a role at Tylney as she wanted to develop her reception skills as well as train and grow other staff members so they too could get the same satisfaction from their jobs as she does.

Being on reception means you are often the first port of call for guests when they enter the hotel. A good receptionist sets the tone of the property and the quality of service that guests will experience during their stay. Making sure guests have a great time and enjoy their stay is an area of the job that gives Kat tremendous satisfaction. She notes that this is only possible with the help of her fabulous team at Tylney who all work together and ensure a seamless service to all guests!

Kat's advice to anyone seeking a career in hospitality: “It is a very fast paced and demanding job….the rewards of working hard…making guests’ experiences wonderful…brings so much value”. It is certainly not a career for the faint hearted but Kat feels that the rewards outweigh the hard work – particularly if you are with the right company! She acknowledges that it does take a particular skill to navigate working on reception as you are seeing the best and occasionally the worst of people but feels that kindness and courtesy often help solve any tricky situation.

The greatest achievement for Kat is her current role and the opportunity that presents. Not only to develop her team and influence guest’s experiences but also to demonstrate her ability and capability to her managers proving that her rapid promotion is well deserved. Having enjoyed further training in customer services, Health and Safety and allergy awareness, she feels able to competently handle any challenges faced.

And three words to describe working for Elite? “Complex, Rewarding, Motivational!”

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