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Paul Tattersdill

Estate Manager at Tylney Hall Hotel

"I am very grateful to my team for being so enthusiastic and hardworking and we love to share our work with visitors.."

Paul Tattersdill has been Head Gardener at tylney Hall since 1986 and has been at the forefront of the painstaking restoration programme over the 26 years to reinstate the 66 acre estate back to its former glory.

Working with a team of just five gardeners Paul is out in all seasons and throughout his time at Tylney Hall has had to deal with a variety of situations, from repair work following the great storms in October 1987 and January 1990, to the maintenance of the grounds during the snow falls in early 2012. He has also trained junior members of his team, passing on his extensive knowledge and skills in agriculture and commercial horticulture.

Since joining Tylney Hall in 1986, Paul has overseen a number of major projects, including the dredging of four small lakes, and the removal of the tennis courts which were laid over the Italian Gardens when Tylney Hall was a school.

Paul said: “When I first came here tennis courts had been built on top of the Italian Garden. When we took them away we discovered the remains of the pool and from that we were able to rebuild the Victorian original. It has been an ongoing project and a fantastic one to be involved with. I am very grateful to my team for being so enthusiastic and hardworking and we love to share our work with visitors. Many people have visited the garden year after year through the NGS scheme and have seen the changes, and we are very proud to have supported the NGS for 20 years.”

Further renovation and replanting projects overseen by Paul include the Kitchen Garden, Italian Garden, Dutch Garden and Azalea Garden, as well as landscaping areas around renovated building such as the Hampshire Suite gardens.

The most rewarding project for Paul was discovering the Water Gardens and bringing them back to the original standard and style. This task took over 25 years to complete and will leave a historical garden legacy for generations to come.